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Notes on Ungoverned ~


Your anger is palpable and necessary, and you understand that we cannot continue as we have been. The expression of our bodies is banned, our sex is shamed, our voices are doubted, and our minds dismissed. We are widget slaves and data points, bound in the cycles of consumption.


Your body is the vessel.

Our deliverance will not come on the wings of political process, it will be of our own creation. The house of patriarchy will not be dismantled with tools of our so-called ‘founding fathers’ and we should not look to the courts of privilege, for justice. Do not look to those who are complicit in the suffering of others, for peace. Do not look to those who participate in the structures of oppression, for freedom. Look around you. Find yourself in grace and dispel anger, bring aid. Aid to yourself and those around you.

Their laws are only as strong as the complacency that binds them. Our collective nature is stronger.


Our nature is ungovernable.

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