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Performance Collective

Seven Veils Performance Collective is open to anyone! You do not need to be at a specific skill level to perform or join. We welcome first-time performers. Events are also open to burlesque, chair, and other types of aerial and alternative dance. The Collective is for dancers and friends who want to develop and support a collaborative pole dance and circus performance group in northern New England area.

Seven Veils encourages all genders, body types, sexual expressions and performer identities. This is a safe and supportive space for all BIPOC, trans and queer folks.

Let me know how I can best support you.

Your performance can be any style or theme, unless otherwise specified. Feel free to express your creativity, sexuality, eccentricity, darkness or joy. Your attire and costume is entirely your choice. Thong and pasties are minimum requirement, similar to burlesque events.

Performances are ticketed events open to the public. Please encourage your friends to purchase tickets. Recording or touching performers is prohibited.

Ticket sale profits(after cost of event space rental) will be split between all performers. Tipping will be highly encouraged for these events. If you are a professional performer who requires a specific compensation, do not hesitate to specify in your application.

Please have your song and performance outline submitted no less then 10 days prior to the event. Include link to song, basic outline of performance(spin or static, how will you enter and exit stage area, costume and general mood/lighting of performance).

Charity Performances

Performers will not be compensated, unless otherwise discussed, but will keep cash tips.

On location performances will be on a X-POLE 45mm stage pole with platform. The stage pole will be available for brief run-through prior to doors.

Preference will be given to performers who submit TWO SEPARATE acts or one act over 5 minutes in length.

Swan Dojo Performances

The Swan Dojo studio pole is a 45mm X-pole in a permanent ceiling  mount. You can choose either spin or static. The stage is at floor level with the audience and has a ceiling height of 8 1/2'. Aerial inversions are cautioned. The pole has an 8' diameter performance space with a wall of mirrors backing the stage.

For Swan Dojo performances, the studio will be available for day-of practice. Performance runs will begin at 7pm and end at 8:15pm. Doors open at 8:45pm and performances will begin after 9pm.

For more details on becoming involved with the Seven Veils Performance Collective, or to apply for a specific performance, submit the form below.

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