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 Seven Veils is currently hosted by The Mothership and RevolVT, in Burlington, Vermont. As well as The Studio Upstate in Lake Placid, NY. Please be sure to confirm the location of your booking!

Classes are by appointment only and must be booked in advance. No drop-ins please!

While the studio is private, please keep in mind we share our bathrooms. Consider bringing a quick cover-up for your own comfort and warmth, if you need to leave during class or change your clothing.

Attire can be sexy, sporty or whatever you desire. Clothing should allow for freedom of movement and comfort. Layers are recommended in the winter and all students should bring the options for shorts. Ankle socks are strongly recommended.

All genders and expressions are welcome. If you need specific support or have questions, please reach out.


Don't forget to hydrate! Bring water.

Please do not wear excessive lotion or oils. Remove all rings, glass-top watches and metal bracelets.



MASKS ARE OPTIONAL. Please reach out with any concerns.

Thank You.

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